The Armadillo Trap The safe and humane way to remove armadillos from your property.

About Us and Our Traps

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Hand Made, One Trap at a Time

We're in the business of building the best armadillo traps on the market. We're based in South Mississippi, the heart of Armadillo country, but we ship our traps everywhere. Every trap is hand crafted and individually inspected to ensure the highest quality and flawless performance.

The Concept is Simple

No rocket science or bait is needed. Our traps work on the simple fact that Armadillos are attracted to each other and when they smell the scent of another, they WILL enter the trap and get captured. By leaving the Armadillo in the trap for a few hours after capture, they will secrete more scent (which is absorbed by the wood) and your trap becomes even more effective. The more Armadillos you trap, the more effective the trap becomes. It's that simple.

Wood is the Key to Success

There is no better material to use for a scent based trap than wood. Metal traps of any kind simply cannot absorb and retain the odor of Armadillo essential to successful captures. We only use pressure treated plywood which absorbs and holds scent without rotting. The scent only gets stronger with each capture as the wood retains the odors from the previous catch.

Ready for Service

We offer our traps completed and no assembly is required. Virtually no installation is needed and complete instructions are provided. If you follow our instructions and practice a little patience, you will be successful. Please refer to the FAQ Section for answers to all your questions about the trap.