The Armadillo Trap The safe and humane way to remove armadillos from your property.

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The Armadillo Trap

MS State University compiled a report that compared our wooden trap to a standard cage trap. The results don't lie: our trap works 8 times better.
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The Aramadillo Trap

Southern Living's Grumpy Gardener recommended the The Armadillo Trap in a recent article. Not sure about that recipe!
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The Armadillo Trap

LSU's AG Center recently published a press release touting the effectiveness of pre-scented traps. Pre-scented traps work best.
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D.R. (MS) 10/18 "I received my unscented Armadillo Trap yesterday morning in great condition and all the parts included! I assembled the little trap in the evening and set in the flowerbed, an area of known intruders! This morning to my surprise I find the doors closed and a big armadillo inside!! Following your directions I will feed and leave the armadillo in the trap overnight to get a fresh scent and then I will release it in the country to 2 miles away from my home.

J.T. (FL) 10/18 "Got my scented trap on Thursday, set it out Thursday night and caught an armadillo last night. This obviously works. Good job!"

D.P. (TX) 10/18 "I live in a residential area, so my most preferred method of armadillo elimination is unfortunately not an option. You may read all over the internet that some baits may or may not work. My advice is to skip all that and buy one of these traps scented with armadillos themselves. I have caught three in my first two weeks!"

D.M. (LA) 10/18 "Got my trap delivered on Monday 07/30/18. I have set it out everyday, and WHAM, caught Shawshank (that's what we named him) on 08/04/18. This is the BEST trap I have ever purchased.It really works and is worth the money!"

W.F. (TX) 10/18 "The trap worked within 30 min of putting it out last night. I think the scent in the trap was more seductive than the scent of the earthworms for this guy. Great piece of equipment. Glad I found your company."

D.M. (GA) 10/18 "Not that you need anymore great reviews, but the scented trap is GREAT. I bought the trap a few months ago, armadillo showed up, again, about 3-4 days ago during a bad rainy spell. I elected not to put out in while raining and placed regular metal traps---no luck. Placed scented trap out last night and this morning he was caught. Works great and easy to transport and empty. A great trap. Thank you."

J.C. (FL) 10/18 "Just caught my first ‘dillo last night. So great to have something that actually works. This was only the 3rd time I had set the trap out.Thanks for a good product."

W.B. (AL) 9/18 "We caught our first armadillo in less than 48 hours. Wow!"

J.F. (TX) 9/18 "I got your trap this past Friday afternoon, Set it up as your per your instructions and this Saturday morning I already had an armadillo! I have to admit that I was skeptical at first! But the proof is there! This trap is amazing, nothing else has worked like this trap! Worth every penny!"

J.H. (FL) 7/18 "I have caught three armadillos in my yard with your trap. I put it out, and next morning he/she is off to its new home in the woods, miles away. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH ANY OTHER MICKEY MOUSE TRAP. This one is the only way to go!"

T.F. (LA) 7/18 "Don't know when we have been so impressed with anything as we are your Armadillo trap!! Good job! We've bought one for our neighbor and the guys who mows for us bought one for their parents. It works just like you say it does. Unfortunately, that almost never happens anymore!"

M.D. (MS) 7/18 "I had borrowed one of your traps from a friend, caught 4. I had to have one of my own (seasoned) and all I can say is it works!"

D.D. (TX) 7/18 "Awesome trap. I have been trying to catch some armadillos that have been tearing up my flower beds for some time. I received one of your scented traps last week, I set the trap on Friday and Saturday. Caught one each night, great trap, and it was easy to relocate them alive. Thanks again!!"

S.C. (AL) 7/18 "Your Trap WORKS ! Got two in one week and my yard and flower beds are recovering."

B.H. (TX) 7/18 "I bought the armadillo trap a year or so ago & have trapped a dozen or so armadillos- they seem to go directly to the trap without tearing up my yard at all....amazing. Thank you."

A.B. (FL) 7/18 "We received your trap in the mail and immediately put it where the dillo made a path of destruction. BINGO! Big Daddy captured. For the next 3 nights, the beasts walked right into your trap! One night was unsuccessful so we moved trap to other garden and BINGO! So far, 4 out of 6 nights have resulted in a capture."

R.E. (TX) 7/18 "Put the trap up for a few nights, then back out last night. Caught armadillo number six. Six in 9 days. "

C.B. (TX) 7/18 "Put the trap out yesterday afternoon and had an armadillo in there today. Hope to catch one tonight."

S.H. (FL) 4/18 " Keep up the good work. I will certainly recommend your trap.

J.G. (TX) 4/18 " Got my scented trap and set it out last night. BINGO got one this morning. My wife and our flowers thank you very much. Thanks again."

J.T. (FL) 4/18 " I got my trap and caught one the first night. Great trap!"

B.W. (TX) 4/18 " I have been using your trap successfully for over 5 years now having caught over 50 'dillos. Your traps are the best."

C.D. (AL) 4/18 " Got my trap on Friday and set it up right away. Caught nothing Friday but had one on Saturday and another on Sunday (today). We've been trying to catch these guys for over a year and nothing worked. I could not ask for anything better."

T.T. (FL) 4/18 " The scented trap works wonders. This trap gets a 5 star rating. Spend the money for the trap. It is well worth it."

W.T. (TX) 10/17 " UPS delivered the trap I ordered from you today. It's 10 pm and I caught that pesky armadillo that had been tearing up my yard. It had broken out of the wire cage I set twice. I am thrilled with your trap. Thanks and was worth the price I paid for it."

W.R. (TN) 10/17 " I got my scented trap on the 9th. of October and this morning I caught my first armadillo.Thanks for a great product."

J.N. (GA) 10/17 " Received the trap on Friday. Got one last night. Never been able to catch one before. Nor have professionals. Works perfectly."

E.A. (FL) 10/17 " Got my first one last night and it was a big one, at least twenty pounds. I tried different traps but nothing worked until yours did the trick. Thanks, I will recommend you."

M.T. (AL) 10/17 " I just wanted you to know that I have been a very satisfied customer. THE ARMADILLO TRAP works and works well. "

P.G. (FL) 10/17 " I bought one a few years ago and was able to catch over 15 Armadillos over time the wood started to deteriorate in the hot and humid Florida weather. I ordered one again I got the pre-scented again in the first night I bagged my first new Armadillo."

V.K. (FL) 10/17 " Bought a trap about ten days ago. I set the trap up the night it arrived and the third night, success! I turned it loose far away from my place. Thank you for a trap that actually works. Good job!"

N.C. (TX) 10/17 " Thank you, your traps are a blessing! "

S.S. (TX) 8/17 " The (pre-scented) armadillo trap I'd purchased from you arrived yesterday has really done the job. Satisfied customers.

S.M. (FL) 8/17 " I bought the scented trap - thought I had one under my shed. Caught one the first night - 3 total over a 5 day period. Guess I had more than one - my yard and I both thank you!"

J.J. (TX) 8/17 " I just wanted to tell you the trap arrived perfectly packed and very quickly. It was very easy to assemble the the couple of pieces I needed to and your instructions were great and easy to follow. I have since caught 6 armadillos.

H.C. (MS) 8/17 " It just so happens that the varment was burrowing in a shed at the back of the house and directly in my eyesight!! I checked it a couple of times during the night and then at 4:30am I looked and "oh my gosh" I had him!!! I cannot be more pleased!! "

S.S. (AL) 8/17 " I bought two scented traps 6 or 8 months ago and the season of having them in our yard had ended. Can't believe it but they really worked. Thank you."

D.W. (GA) 8/17 " This is the second trap I've purchased. The first one has been very successful have captured eight armadillos. I have found it would be better to get a second trap to use up my daughters home which has a substantial number of armadillos in the area. Again a wonderful trap and extremely easy to operate."

Z.B. (TX) 7/17 " I saw evidence of armadillos digging. I set my trap near the area above the creek and several mornings later I caught an Armadillo. . . .without using boards or any other means / scent to attract& steer them to the trap. Using the trap was effortless & effective."

D.R. (GA) 7/17 " I bought two scented traps. I just caught number 13 last night. No wonder they were doing so much damage."

D.C. (GA) 5/17 " I bought my trap just a couple of months ago. I live in Richmond Hill, GA, just outside of Savannah. I have already caught FIVE armadillos and have recommended your trap to several others. Just wanted to report another success story!"

M.L. (TX) 5/17 " I just wanted to tell you that your trap really works, I got my first Armadillo the first night I put the trap out. 3 nights later I got my second one. I’ve had a metal trap set for 6 months without any success so I’m pleased to hopefully start to get rid of them."

N.H. (TX) 5/17 " I received your trap and set it up immediately. The armadillo hadn’t returned for three days, but came back last night and your trap was set. GOT HIM. Calling my neighbor to pick him up and relocate him FAR away from civilization. Please send me a BUNCH of your cards!!! I have told my feed store and several plant nurseries I have visited that I ordered your trap."

J.B. (WA) 5/17 " I used the same metal trap unsuccessfully for about a year trying to catch an armadillo(s) that were making a small mess of our yard on a fairly frequent basis. At long last, my neighbor found your website and we ended up purchasing the armadillo trap as a last resort. Since then, we have caught six (6) armadillo on my property, and one at a neighbor's home with your trap. I just wanted to share this story with you, and to thank you for coming up with such a novel and humane way of trapping these harmless critters."

T.N. (TX) 4/17 " We got the trap on Friday and had the armadillo Saturday morning. Amazing."

R.L. (MS) 4/17 " Love the trap! Caught a big one. I think he was my big problem over the months. Thanks for your help."

R.A. (KS) 4/17 " I bagged up my armadillo trap last December in a large trash bag and stored it in my garage. I took it out of storage recently and set it in an active armadillo area. Caught an armadillo just a few days later. I caught 7 armadillos last summer/fall with this trap. It is amazing."

J.P. (GA) 4/17 " This trap works! Buying my second one today. Buy the scented model. You will not be sorry"

T.B. (AL) 4/17 " Trap arrived well boxed and in great shape. Three caught in the first week. Since then, ten additional armadillos trapped. Placement is the key. Look for where they travel and place on top of the pathway. No barriers were used to funnel them into the trap. "

T.C. (GA) 11/16 " Thanks guys, have caught 3 armadillos in trap during the first 2 weeks of use. It works great! "

T.C. (GA) 11/16 " Thanks guys, have caught 3 armadillos in trap during the first 2 weeks of use. It works great! "

R.T. (FL) 11/16 " I received your pre-scented trap on Friday evening, placed it out on Saturday night. Nothing on Sunday AM. But this morning (Monday) there was a size large armadillo sleeping inside. He/she would have been upturning my grass, but not anymore! It works!"

C.N. (TX) 11/16 " I bought your trap in 2015. I caught one using guides to direct the armadillo. This year I have trapped 6 armadillos just by placing the trap where we can tell that they have been! Like you claim, the armadillo just walks right into the trap! Thank you, thank you!"

D.H. (GA) 11/16 " We've tried several different traps with no success. We caught an armadillo with the scented trap the first time it was set. The trap is well-made, easy to set and works great!"

M.G. (OK) 10/16 " Works as advertised. I was concerned if it would hold the scent over the Winter from one year to the next in storage. It worked just fine. I just misted the interior lightly with water and set it out and started catching again."

B.P. (TX) 10/16 " This thing is absolutely amazing. We’ve caught 13 Armadillos since receiving the trap in late April this year. Every time we see evidence of Armadillos anywhere in the yard or flower beds, I simply find a place where I believe they’re moving in and out and I’ll catch one. Caught 3 just this past week. Good job! "

J.L. (FL) 10/16 " I just put my new scented trap in service yesterday and got my first capture 12 hours later! Great product!"

J.G. (TX) 10/16 " Since I bought your trap in May of this year, I have caught 6 armadillos in the same area of my property. Your instructions work."

S.L. (OK) 10/16 " These traps are amazing. I have had numerous Armadillos on my property and they have taken car of my problem. I tried the wire traps, but they just don't work."

L.C. (AK) 10/16 " Fantastic trap. After catching 5 in my yard over a 2 month period my yard is now free of the rascals. Great trap and worth every cent."

C.C. (AL) 10/16 " I received my trap two days ago. First night nothing...wrong location. Second night in a new location I caught a monster Armadillo! Thanks for a great solution to rid our lawn of these pest. Thank you!"

R.O. (GA) 10/16 "Got my new trap last week and set it out 3 days ago. I woke up this morning with an Armadillo hanging out inside. It works as advertised. Thanks."

P.B. (FL) 10/16 "We set up the trap last night and at 2:00am we heard some bumping going on outside and saw that the doors were down on the trap. We caught one, hallelujah! Thank you so much!"

J.L. (FL) 9/16 "I just put my new scented trap in service yesterday and got my first capture 12 hours later! Great product!"

K.H. (GA) 9/16 "We wanted to let you know we caught an armadillo on the second night the trap was set! Very happy customer!"

R.T. (FL) 9/16 "Just wanted to let you know that UPS delivered my trap yesterday afternoon. I took it out of the box, adjusted the string and placed it in my neighbor's flower bed. I checked this morning and an armadillo was in the trap. Great product and it works as advertised."

E.C. (TX) 9/16 " I bought a scented trap and caught an armadillo the very first night, then one the second, fourth and fifth nights. It is a great product!"

R.R. (GA) 9/16 "We were fortunate enough to catch an armadillo on the first night we set the trap. Great trap!"

J.C. (AL) " I have been struggling for some time with armadillos and they have taken a toll on my yard and gardens. I caught an armadillo the first night I set the trap. It is easy to set and the instructions are easy to follow. Thank you for making this awesome trap."

R.W. (TX) " I had a huge aramdillo problem for 3 months and tried everything. I caught my first armadillo the very first night I set the trap and relocated it the next day. I highly recommend this trap."

M.G. (TX) " I purchased my trap last fall and promptly caught 5 armadillos the first week. I loaned it to a neighbor and he had great success also and ordered his own trap. We have caught a total of 15 this year already. This trap works great and if you follow the instructions, you will catch armadillos."

H.S. (GA) " I manage a quail farm in SW Georgia and have had problems with armadillos for years. Your trap has been a huge success for me and the property I manage. Even my boss got a couple for his home in South Carolina. I'm one very happy and satisfied customer."

D.M. (FL) " I've had my trap less than 24 hours and caught my first armadillo. This trap is worth every cent."

M.G. (FL) " Your armadillo trap has exceeded my expectations. Armadillos were destroying my property. I tried everything but nothing seemed to work. I have caught 6 armadillos in the last 2 weeks. It is incredible! You are making it very easy for me. Thank you!"

S.T. (FL) " I bought the scented trap after a "professional" using wire traps only caught one opossum over 5 months and nothing else. The armadillos were rooting around within 5 inches of the wire traps, then would go the other way. After setting the scented wooden trap, I began to catch armadillos. Literally overnight results. Well worth the money. Thanks!"

J.G. (AL) " I ordered one of your scented traps last fall and so far have caught 26 of them. I set my trap every time I see signs that another one is in my yard and finally I am winning the battle. I love this trap!"

T.C. (MS) " Have had my trap for a little over two weeks. Caught one armadillo the third time I set it. Then, I managed to catch three armadillos in it at one time. Very impressed with the trap."

D.D. (FL) "After having multiple wire traps not work for me, I decided to try the Armadillo Trap. On the third night, I caught a large one, the next night another and two nights later another one. I have spread the word about your trap to my co-workers who are battling their own form of "Armadillogeddon"! Hopefully, you'll hear from them soon"

D.F. (FL) "I got my trap Friday and in less than 2 hours after I it, I had my first Armadillo. I set the trap the next day after dark and caught another. These are truly amazing. It was a great decision to buy these traps as now I can rid my farm of nuisance critters."

T.T. (LA) "I purchased an unscented trap approximately ten months ago. I have caught nineteen armadillos with it. It works great. I give it five stars."

T.R. (FL) "I got my scented trap recently and caught our first Armadillo in just two days! We have tried the metal ones in the past and they were just a "waste of money". Great trap, great design, great quality and great customer service. Thank you Armadillo Trap."

R.W. (GA) "I was just reading reviews and saw my old post from just over 1 year ago at 40 armadillos caught. Total as of today: 76. No doubt the highest quality and best designed trap for capturing armadillos on market."

J.M. (GA) "I purchased the scented trap last fall and it works great! I have caught 3 armadillos in my yard. My neighbor has tried to catch them in a wire trap with no success. Great product - solves a difficult problem... how to catch an armadillo!"

R.B. (TX) "I caught a large armadillo that had broken out of two wire traps. He didn't break out of the wooden one!"

R.H. (MO) "What can I say? I bought 3 traps 2 scented 1 unscented. I caught 1 the first night and another the next. Thanks for the great trap."

H.L. (MO) "Great product. I caught an Armadillo the first night I set out the trap. We've had heavy rains daily after it arrived and I waited until we had a rainless night to set it out and trapped one the first night. Thanks for saving my yard."

F.H. (MO) "The first night I set the trap, I didn't get anything. By the second morning, I had captured two. Thank you, the trap worked great."

L.S. (AL) "I ordered the scented trap for convenience. It arrived yesterday in record time, thank you! We set the trap last night at 8:00 pm. This morning at 6:00 am we had an armadillo! The trap works great and is worth every penny. The only drawback is the weight which I'm guessing is the trade off for being indestructible."

J.M. (MO) "I caught three armadillos in last four nights. Enough said!"

J.P. (MO) "I purchased the trap late last fall. By the time it arrived our armadillos had went south for the winter (SW Missouri). In the middle of April, I noticed new holes in my yard. After a couple of nights of no catches, suddenly I began catching armadillos. I am going to move the trap to a neighbor's yard to catch the ones terrorizing his yard. Great product, just be patient and you will catch them."

M.N. (AL) "This is a well made, quality product that really works. I caught two the first two nights I had the trap. Thanks for the fast shipping."

S.M. (MS) "In the past 5 years, I have kept a log on all the armadillos caught using the Armadillo Trap. As of April 20, 2015, I recorded my 73rd capture. Thank you,!"

J.G. (MS) "In less than three weeks we have caught two large males. Your trap really works and our grass is coming back. Thanks."

C.K. (MS) "I received my trap yesterday and set it up last night. After three years of trying with metal traps all I ever caught was an O'possum until last night. The first Armadillo ever"

B.Z. (FL) "We hired a trapper to remove the armadillos on our place. Using your traps, we have caught 5 armadillos in a week and a half. We just ordered two more traps. I'm impressed."

K.H. (AL) "Armadillos have been destroying my lush lawn for 4 years. I bought a baited trap and put runners into it and just caught one. I'm a believer and I just called Josh the inventor/maker or this fine trap and told him I'm very pleased."

D.O. (FL) "This trap really works. Don't let those little lawn wreckers tear up your lawn anymore! I've trapped and relocated over 60 armadillos with this trap."

R.B. (TX) "I purchased the scented trap about six months ago. I had visual contact with four different armadillos around my house. I set the trap and caught all four armadillos individually within six days!"

D.S. (FL) "I have to admit I was skeptical about the trap at first, but I bought a scented one anyway. I set it up and caught an armadillo the first night. I reset it and caught another one the next night. This trap is well built and should last a long time. I'm a happy customer. Thanks for a great product."

A.L. (FL) "I just received my scented trap yesterday and got it set up last night. I had an armadillo in the trap this morning. I have a feeling I will be catching more in the next few weeks!"

B.B. (FL) "I am proud to report that I reached a landmark recently with my armadillo trapping, using your trap: I have now captured 50 armadillos! I know it's not as many as some, but for my 2 2/3 acre fenced in property I feel it is quite an achievement."

L.D. (MS) "I wanted to thank you for designing a well built trap. We caught our first one in just a few hours after it was set. The second one took a bit longer because we had to figure out the route it was taking between the several yards he was terrorizing. Both were release unharmed, far from our neighborhood. I would recommend the Armadillo Trap to anyone who has a "Dillo" problem."

T.A. (FL) "I have been trying to catch an Armadillo for months using metal traps. They have broken two and always seem to escape. I received one of your traps three days ago and caught my first Armadillo this morning. The trap was unscented, so I left the Armadillo in it for a short while to scent it and then released it far away from my home. Thanks so much!"

J.R. (AL) "I trapped the Armadillo in the very first setting right where he had been digging. The trap is well built and it really works!"

S.C. (TX) "This trap really works. I tried for about a month to catch an armadillo that was wrecking havoc in my flower beds in a Havahart trap to no avail. I bought the scented trap and finally succeeded in catching and relocating him. Great product!"

T.B. (FL) "I just wanted to pass along the news that I have reached a landmark with my armadillo trapping using your trap. I have now captured 50 armadillos! I know it's not as many as some, but for my 2 2/3 acre fenced in property I feel it is quite an achievement."

E.R. (GA) "I was having a big problem with armadillos. I went to your website and was sold on the scented trap. After an easy setup, I caught an armadillo the first night! I have since caught three more, mostly in that first week. I tell everyone about your scented Armadillo Traps. They are well built and do what they promise. I think they will last for years to come. Thank you so much"

S.M. (FL) "I bought the Armadillo Trap to capture an armadillo that had dug a large burrow under my pool deck. I had tried to capture him for two months using a Havahart metal trap with no luck. I caught him the first night using The Armadillo Trap. In less than a month, I've caught three more! Awesome trap!!!"

J.C. (MS) "I received your Armadillo trap yesterday afternoon. I set it out per your instructions and caught my first armadillo last night. Looking for the next one tonight."

M.W. (TX) "AMAZING!!! Within an hour of putting out the trap, we caught a good sized armadillo and were able to safely relocate him. This is truly an amazing product and does the job safely and quickly. We highly recommend The Armadillo Trap!"

R.H. (TX) "I would like to say "Thank You, it has been a pleasure doing business with you". You responded to my questions immediately and went beyond my expectations. I am pleased to tell you that both of my traps are working perfectly, trapping armadillos right and left! I no longer have to do "dillo rounds" at 1 am. Extremely pleased with the traps!"

L.L. (GA) "These pesky little creatures were really tearing up my lawn and flower beds. I've had the trap out for 11 nights and have caught 5 armadillos. Great Product!!"

B.B. (FL) "I didn't catch anything for the first 5 days. Now, I have caught an armadillo every night for 5 consecutive nights. Amazing trap! Really, really, works. Mine was pre-scented by the way. I strongly recommend."

D.S. (MS) "I bought a scented trap and deployed it as suggested and caught an armadillo the first night! I then caught two more the next two nights. I skipped a night and caught another, all of this in the first week! Amazing product! Me, my yard and my garden thank y'all! "

R.B. (OK) "I bought a trap from you last September. This Summer, I have caught 7 armadillos. They are no longer ruining my yard. Thank you for the excellent product. Thanks! "

L.T. (TX) "We caught a big armadillo the first night we set the trap out! Thanks!"

S.P. (LA) "I ordered my scented armadillo trap on a Saturday and it arrived on a Tuesday. I set it that day at 3:45pm and had an armadillo in the trap by 6:00pm! This trap is well worth the money. "

E.L. (LA) "We have had our trap for about two weeks and have already caught 4 armadillos. We live next to a coulee and armadillos have torn up our flower beds for years. Thank you for this trap."

D.A. (TX) "I have had my trap set for 3 nights and have already caught 2 armadillos. I relocated them to a wildlife reserve. Great product and well worth the money! "

R.H. (AL) "I had some armadillos tearing up my lawn. I had tried everything to get rid of them, even hiring a wildlife company to put out all kind of fencing and traps, all to no avail. I saw the armadillo trap online and decided to order. I ordered it on a Saturday and it arrived on a Tuesday. I put it out that night and had an armadillo in the trap the next morning. This trap really works and I hope to catch the partner tonight. I bought the scented armadillo trap and I am very happy with the results. "

M.G. (FL) "After using other traps with no luck, I decided to buy the Armadillo Trap. I use it between 2 homes and I have caught a total of 13 armadillos. This trap is awesome. The design is well thought out and simple to use. I would wholeheartedly recommend using this trap for armadillo control. "

J.W. (AL) "I had my doubts when I bought the scented trap but it made a believer out of me for sure ! Set the trap and the first night I caught one. And to top it all off I caught two in four days. This thing really works and I am now recommending it to everybody !! "

C.M. (MS) "I just want to say thanks. Armadillos were tearing my yard apart! I was doing sentry watch every night and not seeing a single armadillo. Now that I have the Armadillo Trap, I have caught 6 in the last 3 months. Life is good! "

D.B. (TX) "I've purchased two scented armadillo traps and I am catching at least 2 armadillos per night. Everything they say about The Armadillo Trap is true."

S.C. (FL) "Thanks you for sending me a new armadillo trap last week. It arrived very quickly and helped me trap the armadillo that, until last night, has defied capture. I am a very happy customer."

R.W. (GA) "I've been using your armadillo trap for about a year now. I thought the reviews were exaggerated, but I'm coming up on catch #40 now, so I'm a believer and totally endorse this armadillo trap!"

Q.P. (TX) "Fantastic armadillo trap. Got my first armadillo on the second night and it was a big one!!!"

R.M. (MS) "I am enclosing a picture of me cutting another notch, #76, on my armadillo trap. I guess I am going to catch all the armadillos in Walthall County!!"

L.A. (AL) "I just placed an order for another armadillo in the trap. I want to make sure it is scented. The last one worked so well."

M.M. (TX) "The last armadillo trap I ordered from you worked so well it was being borrowed so often I needed another. Best trap on the market."

Stan (FL) "I've had your armadillo removal trap for a little over a year....Just removed my 28th critter. The trap is still going strong."

D.G. (GA) "Unbelievable! After 90 days using multiple metal wire traps, I've caught over a dozen coons, two cats and almost a dozen opossums. Last night, first night with your trap--- caught one large mature armadillo."

W.S. (MS) "I have had my armadillo trap since March, 2009. I used guides to catch my first armadillo. I haven't used guides since. This morning, I caught my 112th armadillo. That is 111 without guides."

J.T. (TX) "I want you to know that the armadillo removal trap we purchased from you is totally successful. Our catch total to date is 30+ armadillos."

J.L. (LA) "Got another armadillo the trap. #59. Big female.

J.A. (AL) "You have an amazing product. I set the trap Saturday and had an armadillo on Sunday. Reset the trap and had another one Monday. Got my third armadillo this afternoon. It's unbelievable the way this thing works. I killed a lot of time in the past trying to catch these things in cage traps with limited results. No more wasted time for me since I purchased your product."