The Armadillo Trap The safe and humane way to remove armadillos from your property.

The Importance of Scent

The Armadillo Trap

It's All About That Nose

Armadillos are like most animals. They locate and communicate with one another by the sense of smell. They have an incredible sense of smell. When they are foraging and they smell another armadillo, they will go and check it out. That is what makes a wooden trap work so well.

Scented vs. Unscented

The scented traps have been “pre-seasoned” with the actual scent of an armadillo. This means that the scented trap has the capability of catching armadillos time after time without the use of guides.

The unscented traps have not been “pre-seasoned” meaning that first armadillo catch would have to be made with the use of guides by funneling him into the trap. This process is hit and miss, and could take some time. But, after the first catch the owner could put a mixture of dirt and water on the armadillo later that evening and let him sit in the trap for 24hrs, this would season the trap and do away with the need for guides.

Fact: Scented traps are more effective!

View the Scented Trap Setup Video