The Armadillo Trap The safe and humane way to remove armadillos from your property.

Welcome to the Armadillo Trap

The Armadillo Trap

Let's face it: armadillos can be destructive to vegetable and flower gardens. They are just doing what comes natural, but the destruction they leave in their wake cannot be tolerated for very long. That's where the ingenious and humane Armadillo Trap comes in. Built with scent absorbing wood, the traps only gets better with time. Check this out:

  • Wooden traps clearly outperform steel mesh traps, everytime!
  • The more you catch the better the trap performs!
  • Targets only armadillos, very few unwanted catches!
  • Trap is weatherproof for years of daily outdoor use!
  • Catches are easy to release, unharmed and healthy!
  • Traps come fully assembled and ready for service!

Proven and Tested by the Experts!

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